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Film Project Guidelines Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Film Project Guidelines - Essay Example Zola went to the girl’s memorial service, conversed with the people and posted the story on his blog. Tiger Temple is very not quite the same as Zola. Tiger Temple’s story is similarly intriguing and stunning. He began blogging when he saw a lady get executed in the city, he called the cops and began taking photos yet amazingly, when the police showed up, rather than taking care of the scene and catching the lawbreaker, they went straight for his camera and prevented him from taking pictures (Carter, 2012). He returned home that day and posted the photos he had taken and expounded on it. Tiger Temple engages with the individuals, converses with them like a companion. Rather than finding bad-to-the-bone solutions, he tunes in to them and distributes what they need to state. He typically wanders around Beijing’s Tiananmen’s Square, interfacing with the vagrants. The websites by both the Chinese bloggers (Zola and Tiger Temple) get edited. China has a controlled Internet condition. From that point, it is difficult to get to reports that are esteemed disputable by the legislature. The specialists remove the blog entries and pictures they believe are not proper for open dispersal from the web journals. The technically knowledgeable Zola realizes how to handle the ‘Great Firewall’ and utilizations strategies that keep him moderately secure yet at the same time lets him (Carter, 2012). He utilizes his pet feline as a ‘person’, a talking cat on his blog and reports stories. Sanctuary Tiger is simply gallant, his blog probably won't be as shrewd as Zola’s however he writes with grit and says that there are numerous individuals that should be heard and he is doing the blogging for them. Review the insights introduced in the perusing, Xiao 2011, about the normal Chinese web client. As you watch the film, attempt to choose if you think the normal Chinese individual with web access would be keen on these two

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Jewish Perceptions of Jesus Christ Essay Example For Students

Jewish Perceptions of Jesus Christ Essay Christianity and Judaism are significant world religions which, however they revere a similar God, have checked contrasts which have caused 2,000 years of struggle and hostility between the two religions. In his book We Jews and Jesus, Samuel Sandmel compares the connection among Judaism and Christianity to a sort of parent-youngster relationship, saying, Early Christianity was a Judaism; inside a century after the passing of Jesus it was a different religion. It was condemning of its parent, and antagonistic to it, and evoked from its parent complementary analysis and threatening vibe. 1 Opposing perspectives on Jesus Christ caused the underlying fracture among Judaism and Christianity and is the essential wellspring of the pressure between the two religions which has proceeded throughout the previous two centuries. Along these lines, so as to see how Judaism and Christianity identify with each other, it is basic to comprehend the manner in which Jesus is seen in every religion. The way that Christians see Jesus is very notable, however Judaisms perspective on him is a lot lesser known, so it is essential to investigate Judaisms impression of Jesus, starting with New Testament times, and to look at the manners by which these sentiments and suppositions have changed after some time. In spite of the fact that the New Testament is the principle wellspring of data with respect to Jesus life, Jews frequently ignore it as a solid wellspring of data. It was not composed until a few ages after Jesus, subsequently it can't be viewed as an essential source. Likewise, from a Jewish viewpoint, the point of the Gospels isn't to give an exact record of Jesus life and lessons; the Gospels filled in as preacher archives containing accounts recorded by one-sided evangelists. They mirror the points of the congregation as opposed to undeniable realities, and their scholars were more worried about the progression of Christianity than the transmission of genuine verifiable data. Hence, it is difficult to isolate the authentic Jesus from the awesome Christ introduced in the Gospels, and Judaism sees the Gospels as problematic and nonsensical. It isn't known precisely when Jesus was conceived, however as per the Christian calender, his introduction to the world year was around 4 B. C. Christmas, the day of Christs birth, is commended by Christians on December 25, yet the genuine day and month of his introduction to the world are obscure. Rachel Zurer, a supporter of Judaism, calls attention to that December 25 was praised as the birthday of Mithras, a Roman god, until chapel pioneers proclaimed the day as Jesus birth date. Jewish researchers accept that as opposed to Christian instructing, Jesus was conceived in Nazareth, not Bethlehem, and the possibility of the Immaculate Conception isn't acknowledged. As indicated by the Talmud, Jesus was really an ill-conceived kid. In an entry described in the Tract Kallah, 1b (18b), Rabbi Akibah says to Mary, Tell me, what sort of child is this of yours? to which Mary reacts, The day I was hitched I was having monthly cycle, and in view of this my significant other left me. Be that as it may, an underhanded soul came and laid down with me and from this intercourse my child was destined to me. 3 The Talmud (the Babylonian Talmud specifically) alludes to Jesus as Son of Stada/Satda and Son of Pandera ; these titles are not utilized unmistakably, yet it is clear that both are utilized concerning Jesus, and researchers have surmised their plausible implications. Sanhedrin 67a states that The child of Stada was child of Pandera. Rab Chisa stated: The spouse was Stada, the darling Pandera. . . his mom was Miriam, the womens beautician; as they would state. Stath da to her significant other; Stath da implies she was unfaithful or she demonstrated shifty, and is clearly utilized concerning Marys absence of steadfastness to her better half. 4 According to this entry, Stada was Jesus lawful dad (Marys spouse), and Pandera was his natural dad, Marys claimed sweetheart. Stada is likewise utilized as an epithet for Mary, once more, regarding her supposed treachery. As indicated by Jewish conviction, God has no child; since Joseph was not Jesus father, Jesus more likely than not been ill-conceived. There exists a resolution which peruses: A jerk will not go into the gathering of the Lord; even to the tenth era will none of his go into the get together of the Lord, and the Talmud is sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus was ill-conceived. 5 Knowing this, one may ask why Jesus was permitted into the get together of the Lord. A potential answer is that Jesus really went as the child of Joseph until the case of faultless origination. 6 The Talmud again shames Mary by considering her a mgaddla nsajja, a womens beautician, an occupation which was not viewed as fitting for a prudent wedded lady. The Gospel recorded by Matthew attests (and adherents of Judaism accept) that Mary brought forth other kids, however this is denied by the Catholic Church, which alludes to Marys other youngsters as Jesus cousins. John 8:57 says that Jesus wasnot yet fifty, when he was executed. Nonetheless, his execution is by and large accepted to have happened when he was between the ages of 26 and 36, and it is normally acknowledged that he was 33. The Jewish perspective on Jesus execution extraordinarily clashes with the Christian understanding of the occasion. As indicated by the book Zohar, III, (282), Jesus kicked the bucket like a monster and was covered in a soil pile. . . where they toss he dead assemblages of pooches and asses, and where the children of Esau and of Ismael , likewise Jesus and Mahommad, uncircumcized and unclean like dead canines, are covered; to put it plainly, Jesus was covered in Hell. 8 The quest for authentic realities concerning Jesus execution has truly been a Jewish concern on account of the threatening vibe toward Jews as a result of this occasion. From a Jewish viewpoint, one may ask why Christians express such animosity toward the individuals who they accept killed Christ. In the event that the torturous killing carried expiation to humankind, for what reason would Christians detest the individuals who were included? In the event that the torturous killing was Gods will, the job of the individuals who completed the execution was dictated by God and was no shortcoming of theirs. 10 Judaism dismisses the majority of Jesus lessons and portrays him as a moron, misguided worshiper, and tempter of the individuals who, as depicted by Reverend I. B. Pranaitis, could encourage only lie and apostasy whish was unreasonable and difficult to watch. 11 Jesus is known as an imbecile by the Elders in Schabbath, 104b: He was a numb-skull, and nobody focuses on fools. This was at any rate somewhat due to lessons in which he considered himself the child of God or asserted that he and God are one. Jesus is likewise viewed as a misguided worshiper. In Sanhedrin, 103a, it is referenced that Jesus consumes his food freely, which is comparable to genuine tenet through sin, the genuine love of God through worshipful admiration. 2 Jesus is likewise blamed for up icons in the boulevards and open spots. 13 During early Christianity, it was a general conviction of Jews that Christians offered penances to icons, and it was presumed that this training more likely than not started with Jesus. Jews believe excessive admiration to be the most elevated type of falling endlessly from God15, and it is accepted that one who rehearses worshipful admiration de nies the whole Torah. Jesus is additionally accused of debasing and alluring the individuals of Israel and is alluded to as Balaam, a title which implies devourer or destroyer of the individuals. This title communicates the conviction that Jesus was seen as the profound destroyer of Israel since he caused a crack in the gathering place and as indicated by the Jewish origination is the best destroyer of the individuals, who has ever ascended amidst Israel. 17 Often, Jews and Jewish researchers equal huge numbers of Jesus lessons and attestations to idioms in Jewish writing which went before his reality and utilize this to deny Jesus creativity. It is accepted that despite the fact that it isn't known precisely what Jesus genuine words were, they could just have originated from Judaism. All things considered, Jesus was a Jew, and he never got some distance from Judaism. Stolper strongly attests that none of Jesus lessons added even one particle to the quality of the Torah,18 and Rachel Zurer keeps up that, Christians who grew up accepting that the accounts present unique facts articulated by Jesus, need to go to the Bible (their Old Testament) and to the rabbinic knowledge flowing in his time. Here will be discovered the hotspots for truisms credited to Jesus. (With the exception of obviously for the profane words and denunciation put into his mouth by the teacher evangelists). 19 Should this business update to Windows 2000 from W EssayThe cross normally utilized for torturous killing was regularly called Tau by Hebrews and Phoenicians. Notwithstanding, the cross embraced as an image of Christianity is called a few names: Tsurath Haatalui (the picture of him who was hanged), Elil (vanity, symbol), Tselem (in Jewish books, Crusaders are called Tsalmerin), Scheti Veerbh (twist and woof, which is taken from the material craftsmanship), Kokhabh (star; by virtue of the four beams radiating from it), and Pesila (a model, a carven icon). 41 Whenever the cross is referenced, it is in the feeling of an icon or something which is unsuitable in Judaism. It is clear that early Judaism ignored Jesus and his devotees, yet to what degree have conventional Jewish mentalities toward Jesus propagated? How is the mentality of present day Judaism toward Christ not the same as the customary disposition? This might be investigated utilizing the Jewish Encyclopedia a record of Judaism from its most punctual occasions as a source. The articles in the Encyclopedia which talk about Jesus Christ were composed by researchers of transformed or dynamic Judaism (the two terms can be utilized conversely), which is the result of present day thought, examination, and adjustment to existing conditions. 2 Progressive Judaism started to create during the mid nineteenth century when cooperation among Jews and gentiles expanded and the trading of thoughts happened substantially more than it had previously. Because of this development, numerous Jewish convictions have been altered to match more with present day times and to

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Forbes and the Power of LinkedIn for Job Seekers

Forbes and the Power of LinkedIn for Job Seekers Yet another article has come out in Forbes confirming the power of LinkedIn for job seekers. In LinkedIn Still Rules As The Top Job Search Technology Tool, Survey Says, Susan Adams reports on a new survey of North American job seekers, hiring managers, recruiters and HR executives. The word from Right Management, who conducted the survey, is that “almost 100% of job seekers use LinkedIn as their number one social media site for job hunting. Hiring managers also prefer Linked in over other sites by two to one.” Additional findings, some related to LinkedIn and some on other topics, include: 18% of job seekers say they have had video interviews in the past year â€" more than double the percent from a year ago. 45% of hiring managers say they expect video resumes to become more common. And 2/3 predict video interviews will spike in the next three years. 22% of job seekers use smartphone job search apps. Just 34% of job candidates report that they have a land line! (I seem to be living in the dark ages on this one). 94% of job seekers say they prefer LinkedIn as their chief job hunting tool, followed by Google+ then Twitter. Gen X candidates rank Facebook, Google+ and Twitter evenly. Hiring managers also rank LinkedIn first, followed by Facebook, then Google+, with Twitter in a distant fourth place. Social media sites like LinkedIn are the top way to search for candidates. Hiring managers and recruiters also still use company websites and employee referrals. In contrast, job boards and even recruiters themselves are on the decline, though 65% still use job boards. More than half use social media to post jobs and three quarters use it to find possible hires. Networking is still the best way to find success as a job seeker! This is one thing that doesn’t change over time. Don’t make the mistake of using technology to the exclusion of human contact. Ms. Adams emphasizes that “it’s essential to have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile so hiring managers and recruiters can find you. It can also be useful to hunt for openings using LinkedIn job listings or company sites. But it can … be more effective to figure out what you want to do and where you want to work and to find a way in before a job is listed.” Ms. Adams’ recommendation and mine: If you see a job listing for a position of interest, use your networks, both online and off, to make human contact. It’s not unusual for a job seeker to submit hundreds of applications without receiving a single response. So pick up the phone and set up a face-to-face meeting. Talk to people, make a human connection, and find out more about the position before you apply. LinkedIn is still the place to start with your job search. But it’s not the place to finish.

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Law of Multiple Proportions Definition

The Law of Multiple Proportions states that when elements combine, they do so in the ratio of small whole numbers (assuming they have the same type of chemical bonds). Also Known As: Daltons Law, though that term usually refers to his law of partial pressure Examples: carbon and oxygen react to form CO or CO2, but not CO1.6

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Basic Parts of the Brain and Their Responsibilities

The scarecrow needed it, Einstein had an excellent one, and it can store a whole lot of information. The brain is the control center of the body. Think of a telephone operator who answers incoming calls and directs them to where they need to go. Similarly, your brain acts as an operator by sending messages to and receiving messages from all over the body. The brain processes the information it receives and ensures that  messages are directed to their proper destinations. Neurons The brain is composed of specialized cells called neurons. These cells  are the basic unit of the nervous system. Neurons send and receive messages through electrical impulses and chemical messages. Chemical messages are known as neurotransmitters and they can either inhibit cell activity or cause cells to become excitable.   Brain Divisions The brain is one of the largest and most important organs of the human body. Weighing in at about three pounds, this organ is covered by a three-layered protective membrane called the meninges. The brain  has a wide range of responsibilities. From coordinating our movement to managing our emotions, this organ does it all.  The brain is composed of three main divisions: the forebrain, brainstem, and hindbrain. Forebrain The forebrain is the most complex of the three parts. It gives us the ability to feel, learn, and remember. It consists of two parts: the telencephalon (contains the cerebral cortex and corpus callosum) and the diencephalon (contains the thalamus and hypothalamus). The cerebral cortex allows us to understand the mounds of information we receive from all around us. The left and right regions of the cerebral cortex are separated by a thick band of tissue called the corpus callosum. The thalamus acts as a telephone line of sorts, allowing information to get through to the cerebral cortex. It is also a component of the limbic system,  which  connects areas of the cerebral cortex that are involved in sensory perception and movement with other parts of the brain and  spinal cord.  The hypothalamus is important for regulating hormones, hunger, thirst, and arousal. Brainstem The brainstem consists of the midbrain and the hindbrain. Just as the name suggests, the brainstem resembles the stem of a branch. The midbrain is the upper part of the branch that is connected to the forebrain. This region of the brain sends and receives information. Data from our senses, such as the eyes and ears, are sent to this area and then directed to the forebrain. Hindbrain The hindbrain makes up the lower portion of the brainstem and consists of three units. The medulla oblongata controls involuntary functions such as digestion and breathing. The second unit of the hindbrain, the pons, also assists in controlling these functions. The third unit, the cerebellum, is responsible for the coordination of movement. Those of you who are blessed with great hand-eye coordination have your cerebellum to thank. Brain Disorders As you can imagine, all of us desire a brain that is healthy and functions properly. Unfortunately, there are some who suffer from neurological disorders of the brain. A few of these disorders include Alzheimers disease, epilepsy, sleep disorders,  and Parkinsons disease.

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Feasibility Marketing Plan †Lumber Business Free Essays

MARKETING PLAN OF MADERA SAN JOSE Marketing Tools Madera San Jose, from the name itself, will offer wood products specifically hardwoods or lumber that would be further used for production of different products such as wood furniture, residential or commercial structures, and etc. Madera is the Spanish word for â€Å"wood†. Madera San Jose’s hardwood products will be expounded on in the next part of the study – the marketing plan of the proposed business. We will write a custom essay sample on Feasibility Marketing Plan – Lumber Business or any similar topic only for you Order Now This part of the feasibility study determines the different types marketing programs prevalent in the lumber industry that can help the Madera. Given that the proposed business is a medium-scale lumber business in the province of Pampanga, the province of Muebles San Jose and also the proposed province for the location of Madera San Jose, the group gathered few and simple but still effective marketing programs that are implemented by owners there to make their business known. They can also be considered as more of marketing tools. Firstly, the businesses give free merchandise such as calendars, face towels and shirts. These materials bear the logo or name of the business as well as its location. Mostly the merchandise is given to both potential and loyal patrons for them to maintain and spread awareness of the business. This practice has been done not just in Pampanga but in other places, too, and not just by lumber business owners but by other business owners, too. Except for the calendars, that are given just once a year, other merchandises are given depending on the owners disposal or whenever the owners want to, and how frequently they want to. It is proven effective because most businesses that have done it are the long-running ones compared to others that have not. The costs associated with these merchandises are as follows: Merchandise| Price Quantity| Calendars| Php 10. 00 per 1 pc. for 30 pcs. (in a bulk)| Face towel| Php 15. 00 per 1 pc. for pcs. (in a bulk)| Shirts| Php 80. 00 per 1 pc. for 100 pcs. (in a bulk)| Secondly, businesses in Pampanga sponsor basketball teams in town leagues. Lumber businesses there have done it, too. In exchange, their logos are seen on the basketball players’ jerseys. Basketball leagues are held more than once annually, sometimes at very frequent intervals. In these events, usually many people come to watch. Aside from basketball jerseys, there are also banners portraying the businesses’ logos and locations. These are seen by owners as opportunities for the business to be recognized so they sponsor. Lumber businesses in Pampanga have done so, too. In Pampanga, the total cost for sponsoring a team is Php 10,000. 00. Following is the breakdown of said amount that will be paid in case Madera sponsors a basketball team. Expenses| Price| Basketball jerseys| Php7,200. 00 (Php 600. 00 x 12 jersey sets)| Banners or Posters| Php 2,000. 00 | Miscellaneous| Php 800. 00| The third and the last marketing tool used by most business owners in the area as well as giving one peso discounts. This practice has long been used by business owners – from large department stores to local lumber business owners. The practice gives customers the mentality that they get to save more while at the same time, not affecting much the costs of incurred by the business for that certain item – considering that there were mark-ups added. Marketing Mix (4 Ps) The marketing plan mainly elaborates on the 4 Ps of a business: the Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. These 4 Ps are also considered the â€Å"marketing mix† of the business that determine what the business has to offer and what are the channels for this offer to reach the consumers. In this part of the study, the said principles are expounded on in the context of Madera San Jose. Product Usually, the first principle of the 4 Ps tackled in marketing plans is the Product. Madera San Jose will offer lumber – to be specific, hardwood products. In the simplest sense, lumber is â€Å"wood in any stage from the time it is cut from a tree through its use in construction or paper,† (What is Lumber Homepage, 2013). Lumber is cut from a tree through a process called felling. After it is cut and shipped, it is supplied either â€Å"rough† or â€Å"finished†. Finished lumber is primarily used in the construction industry. Most finished lumber is cut from softwood trees such as pine, fir, or cedar. Some rough lumber includes hardwoods for use in high-grade wood floors (What is Lumber Homepage, 2013). Rough lumber is raw and uncut to standardized measurements. It is used for furniture or specialty manufacturing where custom cutting and shaping is required. Given that Muebles San Jose concentrates on furniture making – custom-made or otherwise – Madera San Jose will mainly sell rough lumber in the form of hardwoods. The hardwood lumber products to be offered by Madera are: Lauan, Yakal, Teak, Gmelina, Malabuaya, Narra, Mahogany, Apitong, and Antipolo. Like the competitors, Top Lumber and Angeles LCM Construction Supply, Madera San Jose will get most of its woods from the suppliers in Tarlac. Below are the illustrations of the different hardwood products to be sold by Madera San Jose. Lauan YakalTeak Gmelina Malabuaya NarraMahoganyApitongAntipolo These lumber products, as mentioned, are to be processed further for production of more products such as trimmings for structures and more especially, furniture. Place The second P stands for Place. Madera San Jose’s wood warehouse and store itself is to be established in Angeles City, Pampanga. Pampanga is the home of Muebles San Jose. However, be that as it is, Muebles is in Mabalacat, not Angeles City. Angeles City was chosen due to its close proximity to Mabalacat – Mabalacat borders Angeles City in the latter’s northern part. Secondly, it is considered as a first-class highly urbanized city in the country, with its numerous residential areas as well as commercial ones such as restaturants, malls, universities and even tourist spots such as ancestral mansions and houses. These structures require a lot of wood – both for the building itself as well as the furniture. Since the site is a highly industrial part of Pampanga, it is accessible to its suppliers from both Tarlac and Manila; MARSSE Timber Suppliers, Tarlac and Mango and Timber Plantation, Manila – the latter’s office is located in Taguig. Each supplier supplies 3,000 board feet of wood monthly. The exact location of Madera San Jose in Angeles City will be in Brgy. Pandan. The proposed business will actually be located at Pandan Road, Brgy. Pandan, Angeles City, Pampanga. There are about nine puroks situated in Barangay Pandan. These are: Old Pandan, Land Tenure, San Ignacio Subdivision, Springside Subdivision, Citicenter A, Citicenter B, Magalang Avenue Extension, Jaovil Compound, and Saint Ignatius Subdivision. There are also several establishments – furniture shops, schools (public and private), barangay hall (of Pandan and of other nearby barangays) – that are relevant to the business. The exact location where the proposed business will be launched is noticeably located on a main road and is situated in a commercial-residential area. This is intended such that the business will be highly accessible to the chance buyers and to the greater market, specifically businesses within the vicinity and residents living in the area, who may have probably become the clients of Madera San Jose. The lot measures 300sq. m. and the lumber business is expected to occupy 280sq. m. Originally, the location was a bare land. It was acquired it years before by Mr. Manabat for the purpose of expanding his first business. Price The price for the lumber of Madera San Jose was also gathered from the standard prices of woods per board foot in Pampanga. Following are the prices: Hardwood| Price Per Board Foot| Lauan| Php30. 00| Yakal| Php40. 00| Teak| Php60. 00| Gmelina| Php26. 00| Malabuaya| Php30. 00| Narra| Php85. 00| Mahogany| Php30. 00| Apitong| Php30. 00| Antipolo| Php35. 00| One will notice that these prices are also the same as those of the competitors’. This is because of the fact that the owners want to use competition-based pricing. Competition-based pricing is the strategy used when a firm uses the competitor’s prices as benchmarks. In Madera’s case, since there are only two (2) competitors nearby that also offer hardwood lumber; Top Lumber and Angeles LCM Construction Supply, and both have the same prices, Madera used their prices. Same prices are used to get more people from the competitors’ pool of patrons, and no decreases are made either, so that Madera an establish stability since the business is new and so that there will be allowance for possible future discounts. Also, other lumber dealers sell at the same prices and the customers are used to the standard. Since Madera San Jose will be a new addition, the business will also use the same prices to establish its place in the market. Promotion Promotional tools used by lumber businesses in Pampanga have been mentioned already in the first part of this portion of the study. Going back, the three tools are: 1) giving of printed merchandise, 2) sponsorship of basketball leagues, and 3) one-peso discounts. `The group recommends Madera San Jose to use the first and second tools – printed merchandise and basketball league sponsorships. Giving printed merchandise such as calendars, face towel, and shirts is not something new in the small to medium industries but they are helpful in spreading knowledge of the business. For instance, buildings – whether private of public, large or small – that display the calendars will help in making the new business known. It is also an ideal way because calendars are displayed and looked at all year round. As for shirts and towels, people who wear or use them are mostly people from the manual labor sector. These people tend to move and work a lot in the local community. Without spreading information on the business verbally, these people â€Å"display† the business just by moving around. It will help that the printed information not just contains the business logo and name but the business address as well. The second tool is the team sponsorship in basketball leagues. As mentioned, basketball leagues are hugely-crowded events. Some people from other towns even visit to watch. In the basketball leagues, aside from banners that can be displayed around the court, Madera can gain exposure through basketball jerseys with the business logo printed on them. Aside from having huge crowds to whom Madera can be exposed to, basketball leagues are held more than once a year – even more frequently if the area has many playing teams. Madera will have more exposure time. One might wonder why the third tool was not applied. This tool is the one-peso discount strategy. It would be good for the business. However, it is also deemed ideal if this strategy will not be applied in at present – when the business is still new in the industry. Customers should be accustomed first with the actual prices before being given the discounts. Marketing Plan Conclusion In sum, unlike other industries, the lumber businesses in Pampanga do not highly focus on marketing. If one will notice in this study, this marketing part does not comprise much information compared to other aspects such as the operational plan and financials. This is so because first and foremost, the lumber industry in Pampanga mainly relies on word-of-mouth as the major marketing agenda. Owners, aside from giving free merchandise and some basketball leagues do not use famous media such as the television, radios and magazines. Some even do not have a marketing strategy at all, or if they do, they do not practice it for the long run. They just rely on word-of-mouth. In short, the most reliable and fool-proof way of gaining more customers for Madera San Jose is based on its products and how these will make the customers satisfied enough to spread information about them. How to cite Feasibility Marketing Plan – Lumber Business, Essay examples

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Risk Identification Information Systems Development and Delivery

Question : Identify what areas in the chapter (Info Systems J (2004) 14, 313342) are most at risk - or challenging for information systems professionals. Be specific, and support your critique/assertions with references from other articles, blogs or forms of referenced testimony [cite all sources used]. Include a 'References Cited" section. Answer : The section 3, of the article proposes a coding system so that the ISD process knowledge can be organized. A lot of literature and knowledge has been generated in the past 40 years in terms of ISD. However it is not easy to develop a coding system. There are several issues in developing a unified coding system. There are a number of ISD methods and this creates a representation problem. Besides that it is not worthwhile to expect that there will be only a single ISD approach. There are a number of information systems. There is need to develop a variety of information systems, because different ISD approaches will result in more variety and will provide more features. The ISD can be developed in a number of ways. However each development method has its limitations. Some of the approaches may be more general, while some of the approaches may be too focused. It is difficult to prepare a classification tree without clear understanding of the different ISD methods. However the list of the various ISD methods is not exhaustive. It is also necessary to include failed ISD projects as inclusion of the failed ISD cases may result in new insights that could help us avoiding the repeated errors. Thus knowledge of various ISD methods will increase the success rate of development of coding system. The development of coding system needs creation of a hierarchy. However creation of hierarchy is not an easy task as knowledge provided by various ISD may be contradictory or conflicting. Another issue is that the hierarchy and so the BoK cannot be static, as the arena of IT is ever changing. Thus the coding system cannot be a fixed coding system and there should be room for changes as and when required. When a new ISD approaches in generated, the coding system should be able to incorporate it. Another aspect is the collection of the literature for the purpose of coding. It is a herculean task and there should be parameters for choosing the relevant literature. Thus the articles which are not online may get ignored, if the parameter does not focus on inclusion of off line articles. Once the literature is collected, the second step is to group various ISD approaches. However it is possible that some of the approaches may be grouped as general approaches and there may be some border line cases while grouping the ISD approaches. As the coding system is still in alpha stage, there are chances of misrepresentations. However the primary goal is to create a coding system and the refinement of the coding system can be done at later stages. Thus the creation of coding system is more of an organization of the ISD systems. The coding system hierarchy may not be as systematic as the botanical classification of the plants and herbs or scientific classification of various chemicals. It appears to be inherent limitation of the IS field that it is both technical as well as behavioral. References Banville, C. Landry, M. (1989) Can the field of MIS be disciplined? Communications of the ACM, 32, 4860. Culnan, M. (1987) Mapping the intellectual structure of MIS, 19801985: a co-citation analysis. MIS Quarterly, 11,341353. Iivari, J. (1991) A paradigmatic analysis of contemporary schools of IS development. European Journal of Information Systems, 1, 249272. Iivari, J., Hirschheim, R. Klein, H. (20002001) A dynamic framework for classifying information systems development methodologies and approaches. Journal of Management Information Systems, 17, 179218. Zwerman, W.L. (1999) Profession/occupation without a history. IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, 21,6670.